The European Report on Development (ERD) is an influential and independent report that has been published since 2009. It aims to stimulate debate and research on topics of major relevance for development and to enhance the European perspective in international development. The 5th European Report on Development (ERD 2015) has the theme of “Combining finance and appropriate policies to enable a transformative post-2015 development agenda”. It aims to address financing and other means of implementation in the post-2015 context to bring the post-2015 finance and goal setting processes together. The report will provide an overview of development finance needs and supply, and the impact other means of implementation can have on the availability and effectiveness of finance.

As part of its “Mobilizing European Research for Development Policies” initiative, the European Commission and four Member States of the European Union (Finland, France, Germany, and Luxembourg) have commissioned ODI, the German Development Policy Institute (DIE), the European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM), the University of Athens (Department of Economics, Division of International Economics and Development) and the Southern Voice Network to produce this report. The report will ask the overarching research question: how can financial resources be most effectively mobilized and channeled and how can they be combined with non-financial means of implementation to effectively support a transformative post-2015 agenda. Moreover, the report also consists of six country illustrations, comprise of Bangladesh, Ecuador, Indonesia, Mauritius, Moldova and Tanzania to gather evidence on the role of finance and other means of implementation for sustainable development in those specific countries. DEFINIT and CSIS were appointed by ODI to carry out the country illustrations study for Indonesia. The study tried to provide empirical evidence and insights for elaborating the research and analysis, deriving the substantive conclusions and making the policy recommendations related to the development of financing in Indonesia.

The country illustrations consisted of three elements, as follows: (i) country context, (ii) transformative agenda related national development objectives and (iii) suitability of means of implementation including financing, and enabling policies/institutions. DEFINIT and CSIS also carried out a workshop in order to discuss and develop a common approach and methodology for the country illustrations, as well as clarify the content of the country illustrations.