Econometrics is considered as the use of mathematics and statistical methods to economics. Econometrics analysis and the use of quantitative models are becoming more important in daily analysis and decision making process.

There are two studies of econometrics, those are theoretical econometrics and applied econometrics. Theoretical econometrics studies the statistical properties of econometrics procedures. Meanwhile applied econometrics investigates the application of econometrics methods to assess economic theories and the development and use of econometric models for economic history analysis and forecasting. From the perspective of decision makers and young professionals, applied econometrics is often considered as more practical to be used in daily activities.

Therefore, DEFINIT offers training in Econometrics that is specifically designed to suit the needs of decision makers and young professionals for applied econometrics. The training is designed in three stages. Those stages are Beginners, Intermediate, and Advanced. Each stage is completed in two days.

Therefore, the three stages are completed in one week (six days). Each participant does not need to follow all the three stages. Participants can have the option of choosing one or two continuous stages that they want to join. However, the participants that wish to join from Intermediate or Advanced stages will need to do placement test to ensure that he/she will be able to follow the topics that will be discussed in those stages. The participants that wish to join from Beginners stage will not need to do the placement test.

The topics that will be discussed in each stage are:

1. Beginners

a.Introduction to Econometrics
b.Regression Analysis
c.Classical assumptions
(Autocorrelations, Heteroskedasticity, Multicollinearity)

2. Intermediate

a.Basic concept of time series analysis
b.Stationarity and Cointegration
c.Autoregressive and Moving Average (ARMA) and Autoregressive Integrated Moving Average (ARIMA)
d.Autoregressive Conditional Hetereskedasticity (ARCH) and Generalized ARCH (GARCH)
e.Autoregressive Distributed Lags (ADL)
f.Error Correction Model (ECM)
g.Modeling and Specification Problems

3. Advanced

a.Advance Time Series Analysis (VAR/VECM, Simulataneous Equation/Instrumental Variables, Simulation and Forecasting)
b.Qualitative Dependent Variables
c.Panel Data
d.Markov Switching

The trainers and facilitators who will deliver the above topics are those with extensive experience on econometrics modeling and applied econometrics. Those experts have strong theoretical and practical knowledge that will provide significant benefits for the participants.

Further details of this program will be available on this website soon. Any interested decision makers and young professionals are encouraged to apply for this program. For further information regarding the program, please contact us:

Email: Contact@DEFINIT.Asia

Phone/Fax: +62 274 513 418

Text Messages: +62 274 83 333 83