DEFINIT has been actively involving in developing the capacity of local decision makers (local governments and local legislatures) through the programs of training, workshops, seminars, and dialogue. In order to support better implementation of Local Autonomy in Indonesia, DEFINIT would like to invite leaders of district government (Bupati/Wakil Bupati/Sekda) as well as the Head of Local Councils of all districts/regencies in Indonesia in the program of Regional Dialogue between Local Government and District Council: Generating The Dialogue in Decision Making process to Improve the Local Financial Management will be held in Hotel Melia Purosani Yogyakarta. It aims at facilitating the local key policy makers (leaders of governments and local councils) and stimulating their political wills in achieving same vision in implementing local financial management.

In order to obtain a more focused dialogue, the program will be conducted in two groups. Each group will follow the programs for two days program:

The Dialogue will be a good opportunity for the participants to get informed to recent issues of local financial management and actively get involved in the discussion since it will invite key speakers from central government and non-central government. The speakers from central government will be coming from Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Home Affairs. The speakers from these institutions will deliver interesting inputs since these institutions play an important role in formulating the decentralization policy in Indonesia. Meanwhile, the speakers from non-central government are speakers that are experts in local financial management. These speakers will not only coming from prominent national experts but also international experts of local financial management.

The Dialogue will discuss 3 (three) hot topics in the recent discussion of decentralization. Those topics are:

  1. Local Strategic Planning:

Local key decision makers will discussed strategic issues concerning 1) planning and budgeting, 2) revitalization of role of local governments and local legislatures in the local development planning and local budget planning, and 3) innovative ways on how to accelerate the stipulation of local government regulation regarding local budget (APBD).

  1. Audit Reports:

The participants will discussed the audit results of local governments’ report, its implication on local financial management, the legal consequences of the audit reports, and other issues related to audit reports such as the ethical code of auditors and how to improve the internal audit.

  1. The Revision of UU No. 32/2004:

The participants will discuss how to anticipate the process of revision, i.e the changes agendas, and the direction of the revision of UU No.32/2004. In the discussion, the participants will also discuss the implication of the revision of UU No.32/2004 on local governance and future local financial management and how the local governments and local legislatures be prepared in facing the changes. It is expected that the Dialogue will be a quintessential forum for the participants to contribute their ideas related to the three above topics. The participants will have opportunity to present their ideas to other local key decision makers. At the same time, the Dialogue will also be an appropriate media for formulating recommendation from local decision makers to central government in order to accomplish the decentralization process in Indonesia.

DEFINIT is proudly playing the role as the organizer of the Dialogue in cooperation with the Association of Local Governments of Regency in Indonesia (Asosiasi Pemerintah Kabupaten Seluruh Indonesia-APKASI), Association of Local Legislatures of Regency in Indonesia (Asosiasi DPRD Kabupaten Seluruh Indonesia-ADKASI), and GIZ (Germany International Cooperation Agency, a merger between InWEnt, GTZ and DED).