Our publications mainly document DEFINIT activities, including project documents, analytical advisory works, research papers and DEFINIT publications that cover the full spectrum of economic, social development, banking, governance, and other DEFINIT expertise. Some of the publications have two language version, Bahasa Indonesia and English version. By these two versions, it is expected there are wider audiences will be reached.


Why does DEFINIT use this logo ?

Semar is one of the icons on Javanese wayang (puppet show). He symbolizes the undivided, the divine mystery and prevails on his wisdom. He is known for his wise advises and his faithfulness to the truth. He is capable of carefully observing, analyzing, and explaining the phenomenon of life. He puts forward his critics and suggestions in a very subtle way to convey meaningful messages. Semar reveals to the audience the integrated and transparent information and true meaning of what is happening on the stage. Likewise Semar, DEFINIT also provides an integrated information trough our publications or new papers or magazines which develops the understanding and offers information, analysis and practical advice on diverse our activities.