DEFINIT regularly arranges trainings and capacity building programs for decision makers, one of which is “Public Finance Management Training” (PFM Training). The PFM training is designed for those involved in public finance management in local government (financial planning, financial implementation, and financial reporting). The training is very suitable to local government and students studying local economic development and related subjects.


The PFM Training aims at improving the capacity of local governments and those involved in local public financial management in implementing public financial management policies based on good governance principles. The PFM Training will provide the participants with knowledge of the complete cycle of public financial management as well as the practical aspect of the financial planning, implementation and reporting. The PFM training will combine the regulatory framework of local public financial management with the practical aspects of the public financial management. The PFM Training will be interactive, very practical and problem-solving oriented.

DEFINIT will be offering two series of PFM Training, each of which has similar training contents. Each of the PFM Training Series will cover, among others, the following topics:

  1. Local Financial Management Cycle: An Overview and Regulatory Framework
  2. Budget Preparation
  3. Budget Execution/Implementation
  4. Cash Management
  5. Procurement System
  6. Local Government Asset Management
  7. Budget Reporting and Audit
  8. Local Investment

The trainers and facilitators who will deliver the above topics are those with extensive experience on public financial management in central and local government. Those experts have strong theoretical and practical knowledge that will provide significant benefits for the participants.


The Public Finance training will combine presentations with exercises and group work among the participants. Each presentation will be followed by a short Q&A session. Participants will also work in groups on real case studies to analyze practical issues in local public financial management. This will facilitate the process of sharing experiences and mutual learning at peer level. The training will be conducted in Bahasa Indonesia.