DEFINIT, bekerja sama dengan BMZ , GIZ , DIE , dan Bank Indonesia dengan bangga menyelenggarakan Workshop Managing Regional and Global Governance (MRGG) untuk pertama kalinya di Asia, dengan tema “Managing Regional and Global Governance in Asia: Opportunities and Challenges for the ASEAN Economic Community (AEC)”.

Workshop MRGG akan mengundang profesional muda yang aktif dan calon pemimpin masa depan dari organisasi pemerintahan dan regional, think tanks, dan lembaga riset di negara ASEAN+3 dan negara sekitarnya. Workshop MRGG akan meningkatkan kapasitas peserta workshop dengan memberikan pengetahuan dan keahlian (skill) penting mengenai global and regional governance dengan tujuan untuk menciptakan pemimpin masa depan visionaris (visionary future leaders) yang dapat mengintegrasikan perspektif regional dan global dan memainkan peran yang lebih besar dalam menciptakan tata kelola di lingkungan kerja mereka.

The whole activity of the MRGG consisted of pre-workshop, the workshop, and the post-workshop. During the pre-workshop, the participants were introduced to the pre-reading topics to be discussed during the workshop, and to other participants via an internet platform called MRGG Learning Platform. The workshop was carried out in Jakarta and Yogyakarta, Indonesia. High caliber international and Indonesian experts and resource persons on the subject were invited to provide insightful inputs for the participants. The experts came from the German Development Institute (DIE), the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ), Bank Indonesia, ASEAN Secretariat, non-governmental organizations, and relevant international agencies.

During the workshop, the participants discussed the core values of global governance in relation to Asian values and culture and at the same time brought the local and regional knowledge and values into global context. The MRGG Dialogue Workshop also served as a forum to exchange ideas and experiences on how Asia, in particular ASEAN+3 and the neighboring countries, should take the opportunity they could gain from ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) and manage the challenges facing the AEC.

The workshop was designed as dynamic as possible in order to encourage active participations of all participants, by using active-training tools and methods such as metaplan, group works, focus group discussions, role plays, simulations, ice breakers, and games. In the beginning of the day, participants presented the summary of previous day sessions. In order to refresh energy and build group spirits, participants were invited to join several activities of energizers. Group works were also designed in an interesting and interactive way. To enhance their learning process participants incrementally worked on a collective policy paper and designed an individual policy recommendation.

During the workshop in Jakarta and Yogyakarta, participants did not only follow serious workshop but also joined memorable cultural events. In Jakarta, participants visited “the Old City” and had a nice dinner at a very artistic colonial building restaurant. While, in Yogyakarta, participants enjoyed the Ramayana Ballet Performance, visited Sultan Palace, developed hidden talents in pottery art, and enjoyed the beautiful ambiance of Borobudur Temple. Farewell dinner also a very memorable time since the participants and the organizers had a very nice dinner while enjoying traditional Balinese dance and singing together.

The post-workshop was an implementation phase where the participants applied the knowledge and capacity they gained during the workshop and as well as implemented the individual policy recommendation (action plan) they have designed during the workshop. In this phase, participants could still access the MRGG Learning platform which is intended to be a medium for exchange information and experiences after all participants return to their home countries.

All of the participants are tightly bounded into one big family of MRGG. Some of the participants were interviewed to communicate their points of view regarding this workshop as follows.

Participant from Indonesia, Vice Dean and Lecturer in Airlangga University

“I will use my experience from this workshop to improve my teaching method as well as share it to my students and my fellow lecturers. I could get some idea of doing some research related to the topics in this workshop since there were many interesting topics discussed during the workshop. Finally, I truly appreciate the organizers for successfully organizing the workshop.”

Participant from Thailand, Team Executive in Bank of Thailand

“This is the best workshop that I have ever attended. I have never joined any workshop like this before. In the morning, we learnt much from the resource person and then in the afternoon we had group activities. I really like the style of this workshop.”


Participant from the Philippines, Bank Officer in Bangko Sentral Ng Pilipinas

“In my opinion, this workshop has a great design that balances between the formal and informal sessions. In the morning, we have a formal session with the resource persons. Then, in the afternoon we have less formal session such as group discussions. In the group discussion session, participants could share their experiences. I like the methodology of this workshop, and I will apply this methodology in our workshop. The workshop is also organized very well. The organizer knows exactly what they should do.”

Participant from Lao, Deputy Director of Division in Bank of the Lao PDR

“I’m very happy and I enjoy joining this workshop because of its hospitality. I could say that this is the most memorable workshop that I have ever attended. Each section/activity in this workshop is very creative and attractive, and also full of surprise. Moreover, the participants can learn from the activities that are intended to enhance the cooperation among them. The participants also realize that they should help each other to achieve one community. Although this workshop is carried out for two weeks only, the participants could come up with productive outcome. In my opinion, this workshop is very well organized.”

Participant from Malaysia, Consultant in Malaysia Property Incorporated

“This is a very memorable workshop for me due to the fun field activities in this workshop. There are also very intensive lectures from resource persons, some of them are experts from around the world regarding the topic of global governance. We can also learn from the experiences and knowledge of other participants. I think that the workshop is organized really well. Besides, the atmosphere of the workshop is very relaxed. In fact, I’m DEFINITELY happy to having joined this workshop.”

Participant from Timor Leste, Director National Macro Economy in Directorate General de Analysa e Pesquiza

“I’m very happy joining this workshop, because this workshop is very efficient and BRILLIANT. Topics that were discussed are also very useful for participants. In the near future, I hope that Timor Leste can join the next MRGG workshop.”