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Increase Your Chance of Getting Published in an International Journal

DEFINIT is now taking part in supporting you to have impactful publications. Sharing knowledge and research findings is one of the ultimate goals of researchers. Writing for publication is therefore an integral part of the research. Your research will only reach its highest value when it is disseminated to be a part of global knowledge sharing and making impacts. This will also allow you to strengthen your position in your field as well as advance your career.

We understand that research requires a great deal of time and effort, and so does preparing manuscripts for publication. Journal submission especially requires authors to follow strict guidelines and undergo rigorous review processes. Without sufficient experience, the submission procedure can be tedious, time-consuming, and can even cause frustration for the authors, especially novice writers. Many important manuscripts end up being not published since they do not meet the high standard of academic writing or are submitted to less suitable journals. This does not mean that your research is not worthy of publication at all. DEFINIT can help you debunk the myth that writing for publication is arduous and daunting and help you overcome this challenge.

A to Z of Impactful Publication Services

DEFINIT, in a strong partnership powered by Enago, will help you at any single step to realize your research potential and demonstrate the significance of your work. By showcasing your research, you could reach larger audiences and create a notable impact on society. Whether you are a well-established scholar, professor or lecturer, professional, consultant, or student, we will help promote your research and provide a very rewarding publishing journey. Rest assured, writing for publication is not reserved only for prominent researchers or those in academia, but also for practitioners and professionals. We will help you to improve your chance to have your manuscript published quicker while maintaining the publication quality and editorial standards. We will guide you in choosing the right journal for your manuscript, to minimize rejection risk.

When your publication is in English, we could provide you with a wide range of publication support services for individuals and institutions needing assistance to publish all types of publications, including books, journal articles, theses and dissertations, reports, etc.

We have a very wide variety of services, covering the entire publication process, from acquiring the necessary skills to write a publishable document to the full packages, such as:

  • Analytical and methodological skills training
  • Academic writing
  • Selection of the right publication journals
  • Script editing
  • Pre-submission review
  • Submission of manuscripts
  • Revised/rejected manuscript editing
  • Plagiarism check
  • Publication promotion

In ensuring the quality of the services we provide, DEFINIT and Enago Partnership could provide you with a pool of highly professional and native experts in various subjects who will provide constructive and multi-layered feedback and comments to improve your publishing opportunities.

When you need to improve your research or writing skills, for your convenience, we provide dual languages in delivering our training services, which are in English and Bahasa Indonesia. Thus, you have more flexible options in joining the training that can suit your needs. In addition, for the live training, we also provide you the opportunity to access recorded training online so you can set the pace of your training according to your time and preferences. On-demand training in Bahasa Indonesia is also available for organizations. The topics can be designed to suit the specific needs of the training participants or the requesting organizations.

Best Value for Money for Impactful Publication

You can get all the services we offer at the best price for the wide range of service options that suits your needs. For editing services, the prices are determined based on the number of words in your manuscript, so you can obtain the best value for money for the excellent quality of services, according to the length of your manuscript.

We offer competitive prices for the above services to both individuals and organizations. You can get a discount of up to 38% for individual orders. You could even get more attractive offers (discount up to 40%) when you make orders through your organization. You can enjoy our professional services at a discounted competitive price by placing your order through the following link.

Flexible Payment Options

To accommodate various payment methods, we provide easy and flexible payment facilities at very competitive rates. You can pay the amount due in USD directly using a credit card, PayPal, or bank transfer. Should you have difficulties to pay in those methods, we also facilitate those of you who want to pay in Rupiah (IDR) via direct transfer.

Payment in USD

  • Bank Transfer
  • Credit Card/Paypal

Payment in IDR

  • Bank Transfer


Things We Do Not Do

We highly value manuscript novelty and authorship. Your manuscript is your original thoughts and your own writing. The purpose of our services is to improve the quality of your publication to meet the standards of international journals by giving suggestion and recommendation to your manuscript. We do not offer any services in connection with the following:

  • Consultation on research/writing topics/themes
  • Data collection
  • Data estimation
  • Data analysis and interpretation
  • Writing manuscript (ghostwriting)

Therefore, you can take pride in the originality of your idea and writing.

Training in Bahasa Indonesia

Apart from our partnership with Enago which delivers all services in English, for your convenience, we could also provide our impactful publication training services in Bahasa Indonesia for your organizations.

How to Contact Us

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