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Developing Indonesian Financial Literacy Index

Post date Sept 24, 2013

Household’S Balance Sheet Survey 2012

Post date Aug 30, 2012

Household’S Balance Sheet Survey 2011

Post date Oct 30, 2011

The Evaluation of TabunganKu (Basic Bank Account) Provision for Bank Customers (Existing and Potential Customers), and Bank Providers

Post 2010

Regional Dialogue between Local Government and Local Legislatures

Post date May 10, 2011

Strategic Dialogue for Policy Making in Achieving MDGs 2015

Post date Aug 15, 2011










Household’S Balance Sheet Survey 2013

Post date Sept 24, 2013

Determinants of the Household Liquidity Requirement in Indonesia: an Empirical Study with Data from the Household Balance Sheet Survey

Post date Sept 29, 2012

Construction of Banking Pressure Index Model

Post date Sept 29, 2012

National Seminar of the people are looking for leaders

Post date June 07, 2012

Managing Global Governance in Asia

Post date Oct 03, 2011

Seminar on the Concept of Nationality Developing Social Solidarity Cadres that Represent Indonesian Characters

Post date Dec 14, 2011






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