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    The wise Bhishma, a man with a sharp vision. Bhishma is a brilliant warrior and one of the great personages of the Bharatha clan. Bhishma's experience and wisdom were so vast that that his teachings are universal and invaluable. Likewise Bhishma, DEFINIT has vast experience and proper techniques in training activities that was designed to train government personnel and other project practitioners.


DEFINIT Training offers very high quality training and implement active training methods. Our training methods meet the international standards.

We implement andragogical (adult learning) approach. It is intentionally designed to create a lively training where all participants could actively contribute and take parts in the whole training processes. They are directed to understand that they are responsible and shall take important roles in their own learning and in achieving the goals of the trainings.

In order to do so, various techniques and tools are applied. Metaplan has been frequently used and proven effective in collecting and mapping the ideas of the participants during the trainings. This tool has enabled working groups in the training formulate the problems and solutions effectively. Other active training methods are also implemented e.g. outbound, group work, role play, games, debate and others. We are expert in making a training to be more interactive and dynamic. The idea is to create a fun and conducive environment for the participants to work together.

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Email: Contact@DEFINIT.Asia


V “Training Quantitative Method for Analyst 1” Coordinating Ministry for Economic Affairs
V Credit Rating and Scoring untuk Meningkatkan Kesuksesan Pemberian Kredit Perbankan
V Time Series and Panel Data for Practicioners
V Quantitative Method for Decision Making Training
V Public Finance Management Series
V Econometrics Training




V Gathering of Movement of Financial Access Assistance in Rural Areas
V Managing Global Governance in Asia
V Regional Dialogue between Local Government and Local Legislatures
V Strategic Dialogue for Policy Making in Achieving MDGs 2015
V The Evaluation of Fiscal Decentralization Implementation
V National Seminar on the Concept of Nationality Developing Social Solidarity Cadres that Represent Indonesian Characters
V NATIONAL SEMINAR AND WORKSHOP: The Evaluation of Fiscal Decentralization Implementation within the Framework of Roles-Authority Sharing between Central and Local Governments and Their Prospects in 2012
V National Seminar of the people are looking for leaders (Indonesian version only)
V Workshop Building the People's Economy : Innovative Breakthrough in Leadership and Local Economic Development


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