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Dashboard DEFINIT

DEFINIT is developing dashboards that could help decision-makers and practical users to visualize intriguing issues. More dashboards would be developed in the future. Here are samples of the beta version of the dashboards.

How much tax do you have to pay in an Indonesian tax system: Comparing the Old and New Tax System

Suppose as an investor you want to set up a company, and it would earn Rp10 million sales per annum.  You also calculated that its yearly cost would be Rp6 million. You might wonder how much your company should pay profit tax and how much you could keep for yourself after it is deducted by a dividend tax.  You might wonder whether the New Tax Regulation (Law No. 36/2008) is favorable for your personal interest than the Old One (Law No. 17/2000), i.e. whether you can keep a more profit for yourself. Suppose you also want to know how sensitive your results if you change the assumption of sales and cost.

To look into your case, you can use the following dashboard to make a simulation. What you need to do just simply drag the sliders of sales or cost to the right or left. Have fun.

Click picture to see the dashboard

Critical Values of MacKinnon Cointegration Test

MacKinnon Cointegration Critical Values has been around since 1990s. This dashboard enables you to visualize response surface function critical values, based on MacKinnon (2010) Table 1.

Click picture to see the dashboard


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