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    Krishna is the king of Dwarawati and the incarnation of Wisnu. He is regarded as the wisest man and the foremost consultant for Pandawa during the Bharatayuda. The famous advice of Krishna to Arjuna was called Bhagawadgita, the song of heaven. He symbolizes the virtues of truth, right conduct, love, peace, and non-violence.

    He is considered as the supreme absolute truth and is a king that promises to shed light on darkness. He is rich with knowledge and has sophisticated tools to heal the sick and help him reach his objectives.

    Likewise Krishna, DEFINIT also adopt the value of Krishna in our consulting to produce and professional consultancies and analyses to help our clients.


DEFINIT Consulting is guaranteed to meet clients’ real demands. We implement the right methods in consulting and build continues rapport to clients. Our consulting will better suit for the need of international or national agencies that require a thorough process in formulating policies.

We think innovatively to find various alternative solutions for the toughest challenges of our clients. We design customized consulting approaches not only to apply best-practice methods but also to invent new ones to help our clients identify their highest-value opportunity with long-term results. This will ensure that they can derive the highest benefits from our consulting.

We strive to be the agent of change in Indonesia and Asia. We are committed to transform our clients, our people, and broad society and to shape the better future for the world.

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Email: Contact@DEFINIT.Asia


C The Development of Operational Technical Guidance of Financial Services for People with Disabilities
C The Study of Financial Inclusion for People with Disabilities in Indonesia
C Study on Financial Inclusion and Inclusive Growth in Indonesia
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C Toyota - Market Research On Car Ownership And Interest Of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)
C Baseline Data Collection KUBE PKH
C Household’s Balance Sheet Survey 2013
C Household’s Balance Sheet Survey 2012
C Household’s Balance Sheet Survey 2011
C The Evaluation of TabunganKu (Basic Bank Account) Provision for Bank Customers (Existing and Potential Customers), and Bank Providers

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