DEFINIT is a team of fully committed, positive, and professional people, who are always striving to be balanced, integrated, honest, and dependable. DEFINIT is a limited company based in Yogyakarta Indonesia that offers high quality services in research, consulting, and training.

We will make sure that all who touch or are touched by the DEFINIT Team will benefit greatly and in some way move closer to become the institutions or people they want to be or achieve the goals they want to achieve.

We endeavor to be the agent of change Asia and Indonesia and nurture promising leaders that shape the future. DEFINIT’s motto is “definite solutions for infinite problems” and we strive to offer definite solutions for problems faced by our clients. We think innovatively to find various alternative solutions for the toughest challenges of our clients.

DEFINIT will contribute in achieving global prosperity through research, consulting, and training. We take expertise in:

  • 1. Development and Finance,
  • 2. Regional Finance,
  • 3. Early Warning Systems,
  • 4. Crisis Surveillance,
  • 5. Policy Intelligence with Smart Technology,
  • 6. Business Intelligence,
  • 7. Economic policies,
  • 8. Banking, and
  • 9. Governance.

DEFINIT Research bridges the gap between empirical research and theoretical framework, between academicians and practitioners, between the government and the private/public sector. Our research is based on solid literature reviews, carefully checked valid data sets, implement the most up-to-date estimation techniques, and very careful analysis to provide robust research. We work at the highest standard and actively engage in policy-making processes. Our DEFINIT Research has an impact, directly or indirectly, to policies and decisions made by the government, institutions, and the society.

DEFINIT Consulting supports our clients in identifying what works best for their needs to achieve their objectives. We design customized approaches not only to apply best-practice methods but also to invent new ones to help our clients identify their highest-value opportunities in the future.

DEFINIT Training offers high quality training, workshop, and seminar that enable adult learning process work very effectively. Our training is designed to touch core issues that meet the demand of leaders as well as future leaders. We help participants to empower themselves and identify their greatest potentials to develop to become the leaders of the future.

We give the fullest commitment to our clients. Once an institution being our client, we will give our best efforts to carry out the agreed assignments. We will deliver products and services on time, on budget, and most importantly meet par excellence services.

We partner with numerous organizations, both domestic and international, to formulate effective development policies. We are committed to transform our clients, our people, and broad society and to shape the better future for the world.


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